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We have dedicated our expertise and resources to producing visual training material for the civil engineering material testing laboratory industry. We supply Universities, Commercial laboratories, Site laboratories, Training and regulating bodies, Training entities, and even Civil Contractors and Engineering firms. Connecting the industry through easily accessible convenient content allows us to support consistency in the knowledge of this often overlooked, yet crucial part of any construction project’s quality assurance.


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3 compacted layers

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Take reading from the top of the compaction mould’s edge

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Place the ruler perpendicular to the surface of the soil.

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Repeat measurement a 2nd time

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Repeat measurement a 3rd time

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Creative learning

We incorporate a variety of interactive content to engage users in the online training process. 

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Attractive content

Working with soils and gravel every day can become so mundane and we never appreciate the value that a grain of sand has in our completed structures.

We make our content as attractive as it is informative. 


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We combine computer-generated simulations with our content to better explain processes, the meaning behind them, and the importance of accurate results.

Easy to follow

Utilizing the technology at our disposal we produce attractive, easy to follow data simulations and calculations for all test method video illustrations. Combine this with regular user interactions via multiple-choice questions, calculations, and gamified sections and you have an online learning experience that will get you 90% to the finish line.